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Middle Point Range (Points) is a range or area to determine Middle Point closure logic. It is a range between Bid / Ask to a certain points after Bid and Ask. It will be calculated when a cycle starts, EA will take the current Bid and Ask value, then added by Middle Point Range (Points).

10_08_21-Untitled Diagram (8).png - Windows Photo Viewer.png

As you can see on the image above, First Upper Order and First Lower Order are the first order in the inner grid bound. Now, between these orders, there's the initial Bid and Ask line. This Bid and Ask line only captured during initial stage of a cycle, which captures the current Bid and Ask.
Between Bid and First Lower Order, there is Middle Point Line, which calculated as following.
Middle Point Line = Bid - Middle Point Range in Points.
The same applies for Ask and First Upper Order.

When the current cycle was started, current price may render higher or lower, passes and executes the First Upper Order or First Lower Order. Or it might pass the subsequent orders in the upper and lower grid area. If we are using LIMIT orders, we may expect that the middle point is the point where all orders will be in profit state. While if we use STOP orders, we may expect that the middle point is the point where the total loss is the biggest one.

Hence, the logic is:
When the current price (Bid and Ask) is INSIDE upper Middle Point Line and Lower Middle Point Line, EA will close the current cycle.

For example:
13_35_22-Adobe Photoshop.png

The image above describes the clearer picture of what it is available on the EA. The Middle Point line is dashed and coloured with blue.

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