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Where is the set file?
Set file currently located in Forex Factory.

What timeframe do you use?
No timeframe.

Is there any specific condition for the set file?
The set file that has been distributed over Forex Factory is the set file for 5 digits currency. If you apply in 4 digits currency, the grid size may expand way too big. And sometimes can produce in "Order Send error 130".
To convert from 5 digits to 4 digits settings, you may need to divide all parameters which uses "Points" by 10. If it says 40, you may want to change it to 4. If it says 75, you can't input 7.5 but you can put 7 or 8 instead.

Your thread in Forex Factory moved to Commercial Section in FF. Is your EA still free?
EA is still FREE no matter what!
As you can see, the EA is stored under Codeplex, project hosting for Open Source Software. All license here is for open-source and free license.
You can read the reason why the tread moved, in Forex Factory.

Where is the EA? I can't find it!
A big download button on the right side of this page.

Your EA is using time parameter. In what timezone it is?
If you are following set file in post #1140, the timezone is in SGT (Singapore Time). You can convert at your own, go to Please do so, if your timezone is not the same.

There is no pending orders have showed up in my chart. What is wrong?
Please check your EA parameters. The reason is:
  • You have not reached the timerange. You can see on the dashboard, you should see "IN TIMERANGE" next to the "INACTIVE" or "ACTIVE" text.

I can't see any order opened when the time comes and EA supposed to open orders. Why?
There are multiple reasons.
  • The most common: your PC's timezone that is running EA is incorrect, not match with the date time.
  • The settings you've downloaded is for 5 digit pair, while your pair in your account is 4 digit.
  • Your MT4 doesn't allow EA to run.
  • Your MT4 allows EA to run, you have live account, but when you attach your EA, you forgot to tick "allow live trading".

I have attached the EA, why it creates order when the time supposedly not allowing it?
Check your Windows Date-Time and Timezone settings. The easiest way is to set your desired Windows time-zone, then connect internet (obviously), and start Windows Service called "Windows Time". Your Date-Time will be adjusted automatically by Windows.

Why one of my trades closed in loss? I don't get to see all in profit.
Why each profit has different profit? And it seems it closed before reaching the specified profit?
This EA runs under concept of basket trading. It is not necessary that all trade has to be profit. The profit specified is for total profit, not per single order. If total profit is reached, sometimes one or two of the orders are in loss. In this case EA will close the remaining orders one by one.

I have specified Target Profit as $5.0. Why it was in total only $3.5?
The question above is for only example. Well, since we are doing basket trading, EA can't guarantee your profit will always be EXACT $5.00. Volatility does affect the amount of final total profit.

You mentioned about donation. Does it mandatory?
It is not mandatory. Although it is not, Donation is highly recommended and encouraged. We have set up a blog post for this at Tunas Bangsa Camp.

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