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EA Anatomy


EA basically will place 2 components on the chart.
  • Dashboard - is the place where you will see essential information of the strategy.
  • Controls area (Buttons) - is where you can control the EA manually.

Control Area or Buttons

Stop Next Cycle / Continue
If the button clicked, turns red and the text changed to Continue, that means the EA will not create any order anytime in future. If the EA is currently active (the orders exists), EA will still continue the current cycle. But when the current cycle closed, EA will no longer take any new cycle, although it's inside timerange.
If the button turns green and the text changed to Stop Next Cycle, the EA is currently taking any order whenever it's inside the timerange.

Force Close All
Clicking on it will close all the orders of the current cycle, regardless whether it's getting profit or loss.

Start Manually
When it's out of the timerange, this button will show up. It will allow the user to start a new cycle (1 cycle only) until it closes.

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